Diva #1: Classy Diva

classydivaWMDo you see and appreciate the unique beauty in others?  Do you embrace the fact that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes?  Do you recognize that true beauty consists not of outward appearance but of what is on the inside?  Do you value inner beauty above all?  If so, you may be a CLASSY DIVA!  Here at Mia Diva, we define a Classy Diva as someone who knows that beauty comes in all shapes & sizes and you realize that there are many ways to be beautiful. You have discovered that real beauty comes from within and you know that your inner beauty is what makes you truly beautiful.  Words that tend to describe a Classy Diva are: Elegant, Fashionable, Swanky, Beautiful, Stylish, Alluring, Exquisite, Fascinating, Radiant.  In the next few weeks we at Mia Diva will be posting about 10 different kinds of Divas.  Check back and see which description resonates with you.  Find your inner Diva!

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