Diva #2: The Creative Diva

CreativeDivaWMsmDo you love to sing, write, play an instrument, paint, sculpt, draw, any or all of the above?  Do you scour Pinterest for new DIY projects almost daily?  Are you at your happiest when you are in the process of creating something?  Do you derive intense satisfaction from making things with your own two hands? If so, you may be a CREATIVE DIVA! At Mia Diva, we define a Creative Diva as someone who is: innovative, imaginative, gifted, artistic, clever and intelligent.  The list below offers some great insight into a Creative Diva’s personality.  The list is borrowed from Creativity – Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.  Take a look and see if you recognize yourself in any of the descriptions.  If you do… rejoice and embrace your inner Creative Diva!

Characteristics of the creative personality: (pages 58-73)

  1. Creative individuals have a great deal of energy, but they are also often quiet and at rest.
  2. Creative individuals tend to be smart, yet also naive at the same time.
  3. Creative individuals have a combination of playfulness and discipline, or responsibility and irresponsibility.
  4. Creative individuals alternate between imagination and fantasy ant one end, and rooted sense of reality at the other.
  5. Creative people seem to harbor opposite tendencies on the continuum between extroversion and introversion.
  6. Creative individuals are also remarkable humble and proud at the same time.
  7. Creative individuals to a certain extent escape rigid gender role stereotyping and have a tendency toward androgyny.
  8. Generally, creative people are thought to be rebellious and independent.
  9. Most creative persons are very passionate about their work, yet they can be extremely objective about it as well.
  10. The openness and sensitivity of creative individuals often exposes them to suffering pain yet also a great deal of enjoyment.

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