Diva #3: The Powerful Diva

powerfuldivawebAre you quietly confident? Do you exude competence, strength and capability? Are you accomplished at what you do? Do people derive strength from your steadfastness and influence?  Are you a take charge kinda gal? Do people use the following words to describe you: Capable, Commanding, Impressive, Strong, Dynamic, Influential, Energetic, Bright, Mighty, Accomplished, Savvy?  If so, you may be a Powerful Diva!  

Someone we find to be a Powerful Diva in the news right now is Angelina Jolie, who with much strength and dignity, took charge of the future of her health by undergoing a double mastectomy because she carried a gene that made her highly susceptible to both breast cancer and ovarian cancer.  She was proactive in her approach and has opened up about her surgery to help strengthen and empower others who may be in her same position.  Read this Powerful Diva’s story here.

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