About Us

Mia Diva redefines empowerment by supporting and inspiring women to be who they were created to be! To fulfill their individual purpose and vision and find their Inner Diva!

We define a “Diva” as a “Fabulous” ~ ” Celebrated” female. We help women bring out their inner diva to the fullest! And we “Celebrate” with them every step of the way!

Our mission is to encourage you to shine a little brighter, smile more often, laugh more, connect with others more, hug more, love a little harder, and to actually LIVE more!
We believe that the more you take care of yourself the more you have to give. So we focus on what recharges you, what brings that sparkle to your eye, puts that extra zing in your step and makes you want to take on the world. This is the core of our mission, to remind you to always TREASURE YOURSELF!

Life teaches us we have to hard work to see big changes. Mia Diva would like to suggest an alternative: small consistent steps repeated over and over. Whether that repetition is you taking a five-minute walk 3 times a day every day, giving $5 a week to a charity or saying I love you 7 times a day. Repeating things magnifies them. So we encourage you to magnify the joy in the world.

Every day Mia Diva shines a bit brighter in the world. We bring love and joy and happiness to one fabulous diva at a time. So you’ll have more light to shine on your husband, your children, your friends and the people you interact with everyday. Then those people will go out and shine a little more brightly in the world. And so on, and so on….Pass It On!

We can make the world a better place “one smile at a time”!

We invite you to Dream, Dare, Dance..find your Mia Diva!

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